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Creativity and Creativity of Lace

Release time :2018-11-26 11:20:15

Nowadays, with the rapid development of high and new technology, designers are also creative about lace because of some inconvenient shortcomings in clothing, creating new technologies and products, making it more convenient for consumers, improving production efficiency and product quality. The creative thinking of lace design has its own characteristics. As far as most lace products are concerned, the current lace basically meets the general functions of the wearer, such as fashion trends, novelty and so on.

  The originality of lace design originates from meeting various psychological needs, from people's visual fatigue caused by lace aesthetics, and requires the society to constantly create new aesthetic feeling and fashion. To satisfy people's aesthetic needs. Understanding the meaning of creativity in lace design is particularly important for students to learn lace knowledge.

  Literally, creativity means original thinking. In lace design, it is not enough to interpret creativity as original and original thinking. In the meaning of invention and creation, creativity must be innovation and creativity. In lace professional design, a large number of methods or ideas used in history are used. The design used by others, combined with modern design language, etc. The most soul part of fashion design is to require creativity to combine the current fashion to carry out creative design, turn old things into new ideas, and transplant them to create fashion. Satisfy the psychological needs of different consumers. If we understand the creative dimension, creativity and creativity, not innovation in lace design at this level. In particular, we should not neglect or deny the part of creativity and non-innovation. Because the inheritance of design can not be ignored, too high or below the level of appreciation of the object, and it is not desirable to achieve a balance between the two.

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