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Xiamen Huaxi Knitting Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive lace manufacturer and a designated lace supplier of brand apparel company, which integrates development, production, sales and import and export trade. Committed to the production of various high-end lace, fashion lace fabrics, underwear lace, clothing fabrics, etc., used in high-end evening dress, wedding dress, women's fashion, underwear and so on.
   Team: Huaxi has a large family composed of professional R&D designers, elite managers, market operators, storage and transportation personnel.
   Design: Huaxi Design and Research Department is a team of high-quality talents from design departments of colleges and universities. The lace design is fashionable and unique.
   Mode: Huaxi adopts the mode of "only product + only supply". Lace products and patents are bundled and sold, so that garment enterprises need not worry about the plagiarism of lace styles, so as to create core competitiveness for garment enterprises.
   Management: Huaxi from the source of checks, from the process monitoring, from the details, to standardize, professional, scientific quality assurance, security. To serve customers as the guide, to explore and innovate as the core, constantly improve the management system, enhance their competitiveness.
   Spring XI, a fashion lace brand under Huaxi, is a brand created by subdividing consumer demand and accurately positioning product style. After years of precipitation, Sping XI has won the attention of well-known garment brands at home and abroad.
   Thank you for your support and recognition of Huaxi's quality and service.

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