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Advantages and disadvantages of lace fabric

Release time :2018-11-26 11:44:24

Lace fabric is one of the common fabrics in women's clothing. The clothes made of lace fabric look beautiful and immortal. It is very popular with female friends. Why can lace fabric be made into clothes? So what are the disadvantages and advantages of lace fabrics? For lace fabrics, female friends should not be unfamiliar with it. Usually when shopping, the attractive clothes are those that look beautiful and immortal. As a fabric showing the feminine tenderness, lace is made of clothes that attract attention in the shopping mall.

  I. Lace cloth and garment fabrics

  The lace fabrics are divided into cotton and blended fabrics. Cotton fabrics can be classified as elastic lace fabrics because of their cotton characteristics, while blended lace fabrics can be classified as elastic lace fabrics because they inherit the advantages of natural and artificial fibers. Elastic lace fabrics are usually composed of polyurethane and nylon blends; non-elastic lace fabrics have more components, such as 100% nylon, 85% cotton, 15% nylon, 100% polyester, etc. The characteristics of this kind of fabric are that it can dye single color.

  2. Advantages of lace fabrics

  1. Soft fabrics: There are three kinds of soft fabrics: knitted fabrics, silk fabrics and linen yarn fabrics. The design of knitted fabrics in garments is mostly straight cylinder type, which easily reflects the softness and conciseness of knitted fabrics; the advantages of silk fabrics and linen fabrics are mainly able to wear clothes with flowing feeling and curvilinear beauty.

  2. Quick fabric: The advantage of Quick fabric is that the line of lace garment made of it is very clear, and the outline of garment is obvious, which can skillfully modify the body shape. Designers are clearly aware of this advantage. In the design of suits and suits, they wisely give full play to this advantage and show a beautiful curve.

  3. Transparent fabric: Transparent lace fabric has the advantage of light and transparent texture, which naturally emits elegant and mysterious effects. It is most commonly used in underwear production, which is breathable and light, and very good for the skin.

  3. Shortcomings of lace fabrics

  Generally speaking, lace fabrics have almost no shortcomings, but if you buy hand lace quality is relatively low, it is easy to find the following shortcomings:

  1. Wearing for a long time and washing more times, lace clothing is easily deformed.

  2. It is not only easy to deform, but also easy to pill.

  3. The worse the quality, the worse the pattern of lace garment, and the worse it is.

  4. Bad quality lace fabric can easily scratch the skin and feel bad.

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