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Innovation of pattern lace

Release time :2018-11-26 11:17:37

At present, the production of lace products in the market is mainly based on sample processing, lacking the ability of independent innovation. With the change of the times, people are demanding more and more beautifying functions, which poses new challenges for the design of warp knitted lace products. Our company has innovated in the following aspects: elastic lace and elastic fabric. First of all, raw materials themselves can bring unique texture and luster effect to lace products.

  The raw materials of lace products should not be limited to traditional fibers. All kinds of new yarns, such as metal yarns, natural fibers and fancy yarns, can be used for lace and produce products with special texture and color effect. Secondly, the design of pattern dares to break through traditional thinking, make bold innovations, produce more competitive lace products, and inject new vitality into lace market.

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