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What material is better for underwear?

Release time :2018-11-26 11:46:41

(1) Cotton sucks sweat and breathes, has strong warmth retention, is comfortable to wear, easy to colour and print, and is suitable for girls'underwear to create a youthful atmosphere. In recent years, cotton and various kinds of fibers have been blended. Adding chemical fibers to cotton, especially for adjustable underwear, not only has supporting effect, but also won't get stuffy.
  (2) The silk has good touch and texture, no static electricity, sweat absorption and air permeability. The only disadvantage is that it's not easy to clean. When washing, it must be rubbed or dry cleaned very gently by hand. Velvet has elegance and luxury that cotton cloth does not have. It has natural smoothness, which Leica lacks. If the French lace or Swiss embroidery and velvet decoration match, can achieve gorgeous effect, I am afraid that any other fabric is difficult to achieve.
  (3) Lycra has the advantages of durability, non-deformability, free stretching, comfortable fit and bearing capacity. It belongs to artificial elastic fiber and is a kind of spandex. Lycra bras, underwear, swimsuits and even socks are close to the body, not out of shape, not easy to wrinkle. Lycra can be interwoven with any other artificial or natural fibers (such as silk, cotton, nylon, etc.).
  (4) Spandex is more flexible and elastic than rubber. It is often used as a chest buckle. When the body twists, it will not feel uncomfortable.
  (5) Nylon material is strong and will not deform. Most bra shoulder straps are made of this material.
  (6) The single fiber fineness of the superfine fiber is 100 times thinner than that of a hair, and the fine voids between the fibers form capillary phenomenon, which makes the fabric have good hygroscopicity and is an ideal underwear fabric nowadays.
  (7) Lilai Lilai fiber is recognized as the best fiber in Europe, its special structure makes it have extraordinary elasticity and wear resistance. Its resilience has the function of tightening buttocks and flattening abdomen. Its good hygroscopicity can also balance the temperature difference between air and body. Not only machine washable, but also very easy to dry, but also non-ironing.

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