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What kind of fabric can prevent static electricity?

Release time :2018-11-26 14:37:02

What kind of fabric can resist static electricity? I think many people have considered this problem. In real life, static electricity is everywhere. How can we solve static interference? In fact, it is very simple to solve the harm of static electricity. Wearing clean and beautiful anti-static clothes can help you solve this problem. Then the question arises. How can the fabrics of anti-static clothing be made anti-static?

  Firstly, special polyester filament and high-performance long-term conductive fiber are woven by special technology, which has durable anti-static and dust-proof performance. Advanced technology, special structure, easy to wear, washable, widely used in microelectronics, food, communications equipment, military, photoelectric display and so on.

   Secondly, conductive silk, using polyester as the main body, the anti-static work clothes made by this kind of fabric through special sewing process have excellent and lasting anti-static performance, and can effectively release the static electricity charge of human body.

  At the end, anti-static overalls adopt new technology and new process method of knitting inner cotton and outer polyester. Humanized design has won the recognition of the majority of users. Fabrics from the appearance, feel good and can not be balled. This fabric is mainly suitable for the protection of anti-static places. It has good anti-static function, which makes the fabric have a variety of functions in one.

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