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The Time of Administrators in Costume Lace

Release time :2018-11-26 14:31:16

As a part of people's life, costume lace appears in various decorative fields such as clothing, home and so on. Especially hand-made lace has become a variety of characteristic works of art. Costume lace fabric, one of the intangible cultural heritage of Europe, although its invention is just a product of women's idle time, it does not seem so impressive, but it has been popular since the Middle Ages, as a kind of fabric lace, why does it spread to this day? What is its artistry?

  First of all, the skillful use of costume lace point, line and surface of the artistic aesthetic design, to a certain extent, the impact of the Western visual perception of light and shadow modeling. Line in costume lace is the main means of expression. Line is actually a form of expression of beauty by Orientals. The beauty of the lines carried out by this kind of fabric attracts people's aesthetic eyes deeply.

   The unique hollow design of costume lace makes it have the same permeability as paper-cut. Hollow-out art leaves a gap for people to play a second creative space, so that you can choose your own style to decorate.

  All kinds of costume lace are deeply loved by women. The delicate, vivid and noble details touch women's delicate and soft hearts. So today, women's clothing from hair knot to underwear, from bags to shoes and shoes, everywhere there are various costume lace figure.
  It embodies women's charm and pursuit of beauty in life.

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