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The Position of Lace Fabric in Accessories

Release time :2018-11-26 11:15:50

As accessories and ornaments in a whole set of clothing, lace fabric plays an auxiliary role in clothing design and matching. The function of lace fabric in clothing design can not be underestimated. In the rapid development stage of clothing, clothing design pays attention not only to the detailed changes of individual shape and style, but also to the overall style of clothing. Therefore, the matching of lace fabrics and the expression of the integrity and consistency of design are what we call the overall design of clothing.

  In the overall design of clothing, in addition to the main body of the clothing design, the most used design means is lace fabric design. Lace fabric can be said to be the finishing touches for the overall design. Multi-angle and all-round show the perfection of the overall garment design. What we call lace fabrics contains many contents, such as socks, sleeves and other necessities, as well as lace-laced small bracelets, collars and other decorations. No matter what kind of lace fabrics, they will express their design ideas around the main body of the overall garment design.

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